Car Rearview Mirror Protective Film Anti Fog Window Clear Rainproof Rear View Mirror Protective Soft Film Auto Accessories



Product Description



Sales unit: 1-16 Pcs
Material: PET
With parts:Rearview Mirror
Mounting Type:Sticker
Product size:100*150mm/95*135mm/95*95mm Round
Anti Fog Film: Protect your mirror from blur.
Perfect Protection:Shield and protect your rearview side mirrors from unwanted scratches, smears,dust and dirt so as to keep your rearview mirror clear all the times.Protective film made of good performance material with high transmittance,anti-fog,anti-glare, anti-mist, waterproof, rainproof, which effectively protects your driving safety in a rainy or foggy day.Easy Installation:Just take a few minutes to install it to your rearview mirror directly,squirt a little water on the mirror, install the protective film to the mirror and adhere it, then flatten it with a small scraper,quick/easy/convenient.Thinner&cleaner,better clarity for your rearview mirror on the foggy and rainy days.
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  • Brand Name: AMY CAR NEW FORCE
  • Sticker Placement: Navigation
  • Sticker Placement: Ignition Device
  • Sticker Placement: outlet
  • Sticker Placement: Door Handle
  • Sticker Placement: Suite Kit
  • Sticker Placement: Gears
  • Sticker Placement: Door Interior
  • Sticker Placement: Center Console
  • Sticker Placement: Knob
  • Sticker Placement: Steering Wheel
  • Sticker Placement: Air Panel
  • Sticker Placement: Gear Panel
  • Sticker Placement: Door Handles
  • Sticker Placement: Windows Control Panel
  • Sticker Placement: Back Air Vent
  • Sticker Placement: Front and Rear Reading Lights
  • Sticker Placement: Gear Head
  • Sticker Placement: Steering Wheel Panel
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Material: PU
  • Material: PET Car rain film
  • Color: Transparent Car rain film
  • With parts: Rearview Mirror Car rain film
  • Mounting Type: Sticker Car rain film
  • Product size: 100*150mm/95*135mm/95*95mm Round
  • Sales unit: 1-16 Pcs

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